Regulatory Services  –

  1.  Quality Control of Meat and Meat-by-Products
    • Conducts Ante & Post-mortem inspection on all animals intended for slaughter and post-mortem inspection of all meat and meat products from animals slaughtered in the slaughterhouses & poultry dressing plants owned by the City Government and other Private Satellite Slaughterhouses.
    • Illegally slaughtered meat are which are in violation of City Ordinance 158-05 and RA 9296 (Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines) are confiscated and disposed accordingly. It primarily aims to protect the meat- consuming public from animal diseases that are transferrable from animals to man by producing wholesome, safe, clean and sound meat for the citizens of Davao.  As part of the Information, Education and Campaign (IEC), Orientation Seminar on Meat Handling are also conducted to stakeholders.
  1. Quality Control of Fish & Fishery Products
    • Conducts inspection of fish and other fishery products displayed and sold in the public markets, supermarkets, flea markets and the like to ensure that it is fit for human consumption.
    • Confiscates  fish & fishery products that were caught in violation of RA 8550 or the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 particularly on illegal fishing using dynamite.
    • The Davao City Red Tide Laboratory performs laboratory test detection of shellfish toxin (red tide) particularly on Green Mussels or “Tahong”.
    • Conducts Orientation Seminar on proper Fish Handling as part of the Information, Education and Campaign (IEC).