Veterinary Services – These services are extended to the livestock & poultry farmers through the provision of the following:

  1. Animal Disease Prevention and Control Services – Vaccination for:
    • a) Rabies Disease for household pets;
    • b) Hemorrhagic Septicemia for ruminants;
    • c) Hog Cholera;
    • d) New Castle Disease for fowls; and Fowl Pox
  1. Veterinary Extension Services
    • Free veterinary consultation & treatment; vitamin supplementation; deworming; fecal and blood collection
  1. Animal Health Management Trainings & Seminar Services
    • Technical trainings are carried out to enhance or impart skills and knowledge to livestock and poultry farmers and would be farmers/raisers.
  1. Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Services
    • The Davao City Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (DCADDL) located at City Pound Compound, Maa provides animal disease diagnostic services to livestock and poultry raisers and farmers.