What we provide

I. Veterinary Extension Services

  • a. Animal vaccination against common animal diseases.
    • 1. Rabies – dogs and cats
    • 2. Hemorrhagic septicemia – cattle, carabao, sheep and goats
    • 3. Hog cholera – pigs
    • 4. Newcastle Disease – poultry
    • 5. Fowl Pox – poultry
  • b. Technical Assistance
    •  1. Treatment of animal disease
    •  2. Deworming
    •  3. Vitamin Supplementation
    •  4. Castration of swine, cattle, carabao, sheep, goat
    •  5. Consultation Services
    •  6. Issuance of Transport/Health Certificates

II. Animal Impounding

III. Artificial Insemination

  • a. Large Animals (Cattle/Carabao)
  • b. Swine

IV. Animal Dispersal

V. Quality Control of Meat and Meat By-products

  • a. Meat Inspection in authorized slaughterhouses
  • b. Post Abattoir Inspection in public markets, supermarkets and flea markets.
  • c. Issuance of Permits -Meat Handler’s License (for meat vendors and meat processors) -Meat Van Accreditation Certificates -Fish Vendors -Veterinary Related Businesses

VI. Fish Inspection – private and government owned markets and supermarkets and flea markets

VII. Laboratory Services (Animal Disease Diagnostic Services)

  • a. Parasitology
  • b. Urinalysis
  • c. Hematology/Serology
  • d. Virology (Animal Rabies Diagnosis)

VIII. Trainings and Seminars/Information Education and Communication

  • a. Livestock and Poultry Production and Management
  • b. Meat Handling/Fish Handling Orientation Seminar and relevant provisions (republic acts, ordinances, etc.)
  • c. Animal Rabies and Responsible Pet Ownership
  • d. Production/Reproduction of Technical Bulletins/Pamphlet

What are the requirements

I. Veterinary Extension Services
Letter Request
II. Transport Health Certificate 

A. Large Animals

Cedula of Shipper
Animal Credentials
Barangay Clearance

B. Dogs, Cats and other companion animals
Cedula of Shipper
Certificate of Vaccinations

C. Poultry (maximum of 10 heads) 
Cedula of Shipper
Inspection of the animals by the veterinarian on duty

D. Meat, Meat By-products (for home consumption only)
Cedula of the Shipper

II. Artificial Insemination 

A. Cattle & Carabao

a. Letter of Request for synchronization
b. During natural heat period, the owner must inform the office via land line phone or cellphone direct to the AI Technician.

B. Swine

a. During the heat period, the owner must inform the office via land line phone or cellphone direct to the Al Technician

III. Animal Dispersal

A. For Cooperatives/Associations/IP

a. Letter of Intent
b. Articles of Cooperation/Incorporation & By-Laws
c. Organizational profile d. Names of Project Beneficiaries

IV. Animal Impounding

A. Secure Tax Order Payment (TOP) from the CVO.

B. Pay the Impounding Fees to the CTO;

C. For retrieval of large animals, the owner must present; Cedula, Barangay Clearance & Animal Credentials.

V. A. Laboratory samples for examination must include data on:

a. Name of Owner
b. Address
c. Animal specie, age and sex
d. Desired examination/test
e. Specimen submission form (for Virology)

    B. Official receipt (OR) from the City Treasurer’s Office.

How much does it cost

I. Impounding Fees

  • a. Dog        -      P  250.00 First day
    50.00 for succeeding 2 days 
  • b. Large Animals -                     P 1,000.00 First Day
    100.00 for succeeding 2 days

II. Permit to Slaughter :

Per Head

  • Large Cattle            P 100.00
  • Hogs
  • a.) For Lechon             30.00
  • b.) Others                 50.00
  • Goat/Sheep & all Others    20.00
  • Chickens & Fowls            1.00

III. Ante-Mortem and Post-Mortem Fees Per Head

1. Ante-mortem Fees

  • Cattle                              P 25.00
  • Carabao, Buffaloes                    25.00
  • Horses                                15.00
  • Swine                                 15.00
  • Goats. Sheeps/Deer                     5.00
  • Poultry                                1.00

2. Post-mortem Fees

  • Cattle                                                                  P  70.00
  • Carabaos, Buffaloes                                             70.00
  • Hogs   – Lechon                                                     50.00

– Others                                                       50.00

  • Goat/Sheep                                                             20.00
  • Poultry                                                                      1.00

3. Other Fees and Charges Per Head Meat & Meat Products

Per Head

  • Delivery Van               P    500.00/year
  • Meat Shop Operator              150.00/year
  • Meat Processor                  150.00/year
  • Meat Dealer                     150.00/year
  • Vendor                          150.00/year
  • Butcher                          50.00/year
  • Dresser                          50.00/year
  • Cutter                           50.00/year

4. Fish Inspection Fee

  • Php 1.00 /kilo

5. Red Tide Laboratory Fee

  • Php 200 per Test

IV. Rabies Diagnostic Fee

  • P 150.00/sample

Who can avail

  • General Public