Rabies Awareness and advocacy is a year-round campaign that peaks during Rabies Awareness Month. The National Rabies Prevention and Control Committee (NRPCC) and the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) are working together to achieve the goals of Republic Act No. 9482 (Anti-rabies Act of 2007), which aims to protect and promote people’s right to health through various prevention and eradication procedures. For the next five years, the theme is “Rabies-free na pusa’t aso, kaligtasan ng pamilyang Pilipino” (2022-2027). As a result, the campaign focuses on teaching pet owners about the importance of having their dogs and cats registered and vaccinated; as well as, controlling the dog population, improving the health and welfare of both owned and stray dogs, reducing the number of stray dogs to a manageable level, and promote responsible pet ownership.

Rabies is a human infection caused by a transdermal bite or scratch from an infected animal, such as dogs or cats. Rabies is a commonly misunderstood disease that is 100 percent lethal but 100 percent avoidable. Although it is not one of the top causes of death and morbidity in the country, it is regarded as a significant public health issue because it is one of the most quickly lethal infections.

In line with the celebration of the Rabies Awareness Month the City Veterinarian’s Office held a FREE neutering where all pets are welcome to participate which began on March 3, 2022 to selected 12 barangays in Davao City namely Brgy. Catalunan Grande, Brgy. 1-A, Brgy. Bago Gallera, Brgy. Catalunan Pequeño, Brgy. Langub, Brgy. Ilang, Brgy. Riverside, Brgy. Tugbok Proper, Brgy. Centro Agdao, Brgy. Hizon Brgy. Los Amigos, and Brgy. Tacunan with a total of 1, 468 no. of heads castrated and 1, 028 no. of clients served . Hence, we began providing FREE anti-rabies vaccination last March 16, 2022 to selected 6 barangays in the city namely Brgy. Marilog, Brgy. Riverside, Brgy. Malagos, Brgy. Lacson, Brgy. Cat. Grande and Brgy. San Isidro with a total of 4, 925 number of heads vaccinated and 2, 706 number of clients served wherein all pets are welcome.

Dog and cat castration at Brgy Riverside, Calinan District, Davao City on March 18, 2022
Dog and cat castration at Brgy Tugbok , Tugbok District, Davao City on March 21, 2022
Dog and cat castration at PEHA, Brgy Hizon, Buhangin District, Davao City on March 25, 2022.