The National Meat Inspection Service RTOC XI launching this year’s recognition for the Best LGU Public Market in Davao Region which  commence this month of May and the final evaluation will be in October 2022 in Celebration  of Meat Safety Consciousness Week .  The program aims to ensure the continuity of meat safety in post abattoir and provide a safe and quality meat to the consumer.

The public markets to join this activity are Bankerohan, Agdao, Toril, Mintal , Calinan and Bunawan. The evaluation is targeted once in every 2 months.

In coordination with the LGU of Davao particularly the Meat, Livestock and Fish inspection Division of City Veterinarian’s Office started the evaluation of meat section in Agdao  with 34 stalls and Bunawan Public Market with 3 stalls  last May 13, 2022.

On May 20, 2022, meat section of the public markets in Toril, Mintal and Calinan were evaluated having 44, 14 and 33 stalls, respectively. The Bankerohan Public market will be scheduled soon.

Evaluation criteria focus on Good Manufacturing Practices that includes personal hygiene, display table and counters, equipment and utensils being used, display of meat that includes documents (MIC’s, COMI’s) and waste disposal.  The checklist provided is based on IRR of PD 856 (Sanitation Code of the Phils) ; NMIS AO 5 & 6 ( Rules and Regulation on Hygienic Handling of  Newly Slaughtered, Chilled  Frozen and Thawed Meat in meat markets).

A Meat Market Stall Standard sticker (MMSS) with corresponding color coding will be posted in the meat stall that pass the evaluation. 

  •  Red Color  – Outstanding – 90-100% rating
  • Green Color- Very Satisfactory – 70-98 % rating
  • Yellow Color – Satisfactory – 50-69 % rating