In the month of June, four (4) Post Meat Establishment Monitoring operations were conducted in lechon houses, private and public wet markets, and livestock landing in Poblacion and Buhangin Districts in Davao City.

On June 6, 2021, the monitoring team conducted surveillance at Panorama, Buhangin to validate an anonymous text received regarding an illegal slaughtering operation in the area.  Two lechon houses were issued with Notices of Final Warning due to illegal slaughtering.

On June 13, 2021, two teams conducted monitoring in different lechon houses, public markets, and livestock landing in Poblacion areas. The operations yielded the confiscation of three whole carcasses and entrails which totalled about 250 kilos.  These were from two lechon houses in Sta. Ana Avenue and one stall at Bankerohan Public Market.

And in June 28, 2021, in response to a concerned citizen-informant, an inspection in Brgy 5-A, Pag-asa, Bankerohan, of this city, brought-in another illegally slaughtered pork carcass of approximately 170 kilos.

All these were in violation of the City Ordinance 158-05, as amended by City Ordinance 0291-17, or the Revised Tax Revenue Code of Davao City, and RA 9296, as amended by RA 10536, or otherwise known as the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines. Specific violations include illegal slaughtering, both in the place of slaughter and in the absence of ante- and post-mortem inspections, as there were no Meat Inspection Certificates presented, nor meat brandings found on carcasses upon inspection.

Confiscated meats and entrails were donated to the Davao Crocodile Park.  Police Blotters of the incidents were lodged at Sta. Ana Police Station and San Pedro Police Station. 

Other areas monitored were lechon houses in Chaves St., Agdao Public Market, and livestock landing in Sta Ana Wharf (from IGACOS).

In summary, the following tasks were accomplished:

  • 12   establishments were monitored and inspected;
  • 4     Post Meat Establishment Control Receipts issued;
  • 2     Notices of Final Warning given;
  • 4     sets of three different Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials distributed;
  • 3 Deed of Donation/Acknowledgment Receipts received; and,
  • 420 kilos of pork carcasses and entrails confiscated.
Confiscation of carcass
Confiscation of pork in Bankerohan Public Market


Monitoring of lechon houses

All confiscated hog carcasses were donated to Crocodile Park, Davao City
Confiscated carcasses donated to Crocodile Park, Davao City