The National Dairy Authority (NDA) invited the City Veterinarian’s Office to the turn-over ceremony of the Dairy Animals Distribution Project.

          The event was held on February 18, 2022, at 9:00 in the morning, at Barangay Salaysay Gym, Marilog District. A commitment of the Department of Agriculture – National Dairy Authority through the initiative of Hon. Senator Cynthia Villar for the dairy development project in Davao City.

          Fourteen (14) pregnant dairy cows were given to 1st batch of members of Salaysay Dairy Farmers Association. Only the initial batch of the 100 heads dairy animals was committed by NDA for Marilog District. Before the recipients availed themselves of these cows, they underwent a series of training regarding Dairy Management and Milk Production. They were required to prepare a pasture area that would be sufficient for the daily feed ration of the cows. Apart from the dairy pregnant cows, recipients were also given milk cans and record books. This project aims to produce milk and augment the income of our small farmers.

          City Veterinarian’s Office, together with the Department of Agriculture (DA), and National Dairy Authority (NDA), the commitment was on the technical side and monitoring; and making sure that the cows are well handled and cared to sustain the dairy cow production.