With the issuance of Mission Order, the monitoring team conducted Post-abattoir/Meat Establishment Monitoring last November 14, 2021, in Cabantian, Buhangin, Ilang, Tibungco, Indangan, and Bunawan.

The said operation resulted in the following:

Issuance of Post-Meat Establishment Receipt- for not having Meat Inspection Certificate (MIC) at the time of inspection. The team confiscated more or less 54.2 kilos of pork Lechon,  and, approximately 130 kilos of raw pork carcasses readied for roasting as Lechon.

These are all in violation of the provision of RA 9296, as amended in RA 10536 or The Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines and City Ordinance No. 0291-17, as amended or The 2017 Revenue Code of Davao City.

Other stalls and areas monitored have complete Meat Inspection Certificates (MIC) and posted at the time of inspection, to wit:

  1. Meat stalls at Bunawan Public Market
  2. Meat stall at Tibungco Public Market
  3. Meat stall at Indangan talipapa
  4. Lechon houses at Buhangin

All these activities are all reported for blotter at Buhangin Police Station and as for the record.

Walang makuhang paglalarawan.
Meat Inspection Certificate
Walang makuhang paglalarawan.
Monitoring & inspection activity
Walang makuhang paglalarawan.
Monitoring and Inspection activity
Walang makuhang paglalarawan.
Confiscated carcass