The Fish Inspection personnel conduct regular monitoring procedure to check if there are illegally caught fish and stale fish placed for sale at Private and Public Fish Markets. Under the PHILIPPINE FISHERIES CODE, illegally caught fish and stale fish will be confiscated and disposed.  Illegally caught fish found fit for human consumption will be donated to government owned charity institutions (e.g. Home for the Aged and orphanage facilities).

On June 12, 2021, one violator from the fish vending sections at Marfori’s Bankerohan Business Center was caught red-handed by a member of the monitoring team.  Another two more transgressors were apprehended in the adjacent fish trading sites, Pag-asa and Marfori.  In all, three violators were reminded that whether fish sold is for pet food or otherwise, only fish products fit for human consumption should be displayed for sale at these selling sites.  The monitoring team confiscated 4 kilograms “Moro-moro”,  1.6 kilos “Matambaka”, and 3.5 kilos “Tamban”.

At 4 a.m. on June 15th, the fish monitoring team chose at random fish specimens and performed scientific and organoleptic examination on the samples collected.  They found stale fishes sold at Marfori and Pag-asa Private Fish markets.  The team confiscated and condemned approximately a total of 17.5 kilos of stale fish. This is in violation of R.A. 8550 otherwise known as the Philippines Fisheries Code of 1998 as amended by RA 10654 and Fishery Administrative Order (FAO) No. 206. The fish inspectors destroyed the confiscated staled fish by pouring kerosene on it and disposed at the Bankerohan Public Market Garbage Collection Area.  The team found no illegally caught fish for sale on that day.     

Last June 19, 2021, a lone vendor at Marfori Fish Market was spotted selling stale fish at a higher discounted rate.  About 3.5 kilos of “Moro-moro” were confiscated and the violator was reminded of the regulation governing fish trading and the repercussions that goes with it.

Fish Inspection at Bankerohan Public Market
Fish Inspection
Confiscated stale fishes unfit for human consumption
Fish Inspector poured gasoline to the confiscated stale fishes.
Disposal of confiscated stale fishes at Bankerohan Public Market Garbage Collection Area