Continuous monitoring was conducted in compliance with the directive of the City Mayor aside from daily inspection and monitoring. For the month of October, 4 operations were conducted in the following dates October 15, 20, 23 & 28,  aside from the daily routine  inspection and monitoring.  About 6.7 kilos of illegally caught fish (dynamited) confiscated at Toril & Calinan Public Market and donated to Lingap Center in Tugbok; another 25 kilos of illegally caught fish was confiscated from Bankerohan Public Market,  and 2.8 kilos from Calinan Public Market.  These were all donated to Panginhawaan Drop –in Center, C.M. Recto St., and Lingap Center at Tugbok respectively.

Fish Inspection and Monitoring at Marahan on Dec 11, 2020.

For the month of November,  the scheduled monitoring were as follows: November 10, 11, 15 & 17. A total of 59.5 kilos were donated to Panginhawaan Drop-in Center  C.M.Recto St., Bahay Pasilungan, Madapo Hills, Brgy. 5A.   Last November 15, the Fish Inspection Team  conducted monitoring along Datu Bago St.,Pag-asa and infront of Fortuna Mart,  all in Bankerohan,  to verify reports that  fish vendors sell during Sundays.  There were 15 fish vendors apprehended in violation of EO 47-A Section 12, p(c) issued by Mayor Sara Duterte states “ All public markets shall be closed on Sundays for disinfection”. The rest of the monitoring schedules found no traces of illegally caught fish and stale fish. Therefore, fish in the different markets in the city is fit for human consumption.

Walang makuhang paglalarawan.

Walang makuhang paglalarawan.
Confiscated fish donated to PIDC
Fish Inspection and Monitoring at Marilog Proper on Dec. 11, 2020
Fish Inspection and Monitoring at Calinan Public Market

For the month of December, the scheduled monitoring and confiscation were from December 2, 5, 8, 11 & 15. The confiscated 36.4 kilos of illegally caught fish was donated to Panginhawaan Drop-in Center and Bahay Pasilungan, Madapo Hills,Brgy.5A.   Monitoring was also conducted up to Lomondao, Marilog Proper and Marahan to verify reports that fish supply from Cagayan de Oro City was unloaded directly to fish retailers without proper inspection.  One fish vendor at Marahan admitted that fish supply was directly distributed to them from fish cars but it was only during “Tamban Season”, most probably during the month of July.

The Red Tide Monitoring Laboratory resumed operation last December 25, 2020 after more than 3 months of no supply of green mussel also locally known as “tahong”.   The supply of green mussel was stopped because of Red Tide phenomenon in Samar area where we get most of our green mussels supplies.   The Shellfish Advisory No. 51 series of 2020 dated December 22, 2020 informed that “Coastal Waters of Daram Island in Western Samar Negative for Paralytic Shellfish Poison, therefore, the public is hereby informed that shellfish samples harvested from Coastal waters of Daram Island in Western Samar are now safe for human consumption. Likewise, gathering and/or harvesting, and marketing of shellfishes harvested from the above-mentioned area are now permitted”.