The Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office XI (DARFO XI) through the City Veterinarian’s Office awarded six (6) units milking machines to the Federation of Davao Dairy Farmers Cooperative (FEDDAFC).  On October 6, 2020, the six (6) units of milking machines amounting to Php 660,000.00 were formally turned over to FEDDAFC at the Malagos Dairy Best Milk Processing Plant in Malagos, Baguio District.  Present during the turn over were the Board of Directors of FEDDAFC, headed by Mr. Jerome Dayaon who received the units from the representative of the DARFO XI, Dr. Karl Laurence Pineda and from the City Veterinarian’s Office, Mr. Nicasio Laurel.

The federation buys raw milk from its member cooperatives, processes it at their processing plant located at Malagos, Baguio District and sells it under the brand name, Dairy Best.  The federation has seven members namely: Malagos Dairy Cooperative (MDC); Calinan Dairy Farmers Cooperative (CDFC); Aklat Dairy Cooperative (ADC); Wangan Dairy Farmers Cooperative (WDC); Riverside Dairy Farmers Cooperative (RIDAFCO); Biao Joaquin Dairy Farmers Cooperative (BJDAFCO) and Cadalian Dairy Farmers Cooperative (CADAFCO).  These cooperatives are the recipients of the milking machines except the CADAFCO who waived to avail the milking machine. CADAFCO  number of milking cow is few and its farmer-members can manage to milk their animals by hand.

The priority users of the milking machines are those farmers with 10-20 heads of milking cows. The milking machine will be passed on to another farmer once the cows of the previous user reaches the dry period of the lactation cycle (milk of cow dries/stops).

The recipient cooperatives came up with guidelines in the utilization of the milking machines among its members.   The guidelines include fees for those who will use the milking machines.  The money generated from the fees will serve as standby funds that will be used for the maintenance and repair of the machine if needed. 

The mechanization in the raw milk collection among dairy farmers increases the volume of milk harvested. More milk is extracted by the milking machine compared to hand milking. Milking machine cannot hurt the milking cow, it lessen the stress of the animals, improve the health of the stock and ensure a higher quality of milk for dairy products.