The Research and Laboratory Division conducted IEC sessions on Rabies and Responsible Pet Ownership from July 1 to September 31, 2019 to five (5) Elementary schools (1 private & 4 public schools) located in Talomo District.  A total of 208 IEC sessions were done and attended by 8,059 school children from Kinder to Grade VI.

The objective of the activity is to educate school children on animal Rabies disease. Rabies is a fatal zoonotic disease that is transmittable from animals to man.   According to the Department of Health, the disease is responsible for the deaths of 200 to 300 Filipinos per year and at least 1/3 of deaths due to human rabies are among children less than 15 years old.  For this reason, the office performs IEC in schools.

During the activity, about 4-5 sessions were simultaneously conducted on a room to room basis in a span of approximately one hour per session.  Brief lecture, film viewing and open forum were the methods applied.   With a manageable number of audience,  the City Veterinarian personnel were able to answer all pupils’ inquiry comprehensively.     It was also found out that there were children who were recently bitten by a dog or cat and were afraid to tell their parents out of fear to be scolded.  However, after the session, they open up to their parents and were brought to the Animal Bite Treatment Center.

IEC materials were also distributed to each pupil.  Positive feedback were given by the principals, teachers and parents of the students.   Shown on the table below are the school conducted with IEC.

Elementary School No. of IEC Session No. of Participants
Matina Central Elementary School 83 3216
Bastida Elementary School 49 1884
International Christian School of Davao   2 159
Matina Pangi Elementary School 30 1,217
Don Manuel Elementary School 44 1,583
TOTAL 208 8,059
IEC at Don Manuel Elementary School
IEC at Bastida Elementary School